Music was one of the most important forces in George Fredrics' life. At an early age, George learned to play the trombone, performing in the HNOH band and, ultimately, studying with the Principal Trombonist of the New York Philharmonic.

Although he did not, for various reasons, end up pursuing a professional career as a musician, he nonethless used his talent for his "own amazement," as he liked to put it.

George gave up the trombone, but taught himself how to play the piano. Posessing excellent aural skills, he played by ear "in case he ever lost his hands."

His favorite music to play was popular songs from his youth and young adulthood. But he also was able to compose melodies and simple but effective chord progressions.

Although his piano skills were quite good for a man who was entirely self-taught, his greatest area of musical talent was unquestionably his untrained, yet beautiful, tenor voice, which he used to sing both popular songs, as well as his own music.

It's Halloween
music by George Fredrics
performed by George Fredrics

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